Sunday, February 26, 2012

How I AM doing.

As I thought about what to post for today, I decided to jump ahead a bit, or a lot before I continue my story. I want to write about how I am doing today. This way as I talk about my past, everyone can know that I am doing well in the now and that the past is quickly fading.

Life is good. No. Life is great. I feel so blessed to have my life. I feel blessed to have my body. It is beautiful, not because it meets society's standards of appearance because frankly it doesn't and I am beginning to realize that I prefer it that way.

My pledge is to live and love a healthy life style because I love and respect my body and the gift of life. When I decided how I wanted to live in relation to health then I could set it aside and focus on being kind and grateful and more concerned about others. There is a fine line there, because you must take care of yourself in order to best take care of others. In other words, completely neglecting you is not the answer, but nor is only thinking about you.

I am like a knife. Both a knife and I have a purpose in our creation. What good is a knife if it just hangs on a wall looking shiny for all to see. What a waste of a good knife! But, imagine that knife is being used and never sharpened. Eventually that knife would not be as valued as it once was and when given a choice, you would pick another knife over it. This poor knife that once was great, now feels worthless. How sad!! Its worth did not change! It is a knife like every other knife! The only difference is that it worked too hard to be and live up to what others expected of it, that it neglected itself and did not take the time be sharpened.

The purpose of my creation as a woman is not to sit around and look pretty. Although feeling attractive is a great thing and even a big part of me, it is not my purpose. I know now that I do certain things everyday to keep my self "sharp". I exercise, I get 7-8 hours of sleep, I plan what I eat and I eat what I plan, and I enjoy keeping my appearance neat and clean. I do these things because they make me a better tool in God's hands. I am free from disease, I am awake and confident and ready to take what the world throws at me.

As far as food, I avoid sugar, flour, salt, saturated fat, eating in the late evening and snacking. I plan 3 meals using the Canada food guide as my reference point and when I make a plan for the day, I stick to it even when I really don't want to. My body learns to trust my spirit when I make sure that my spirit is strong and true.

My relation with food is rather strict, and in no way am I advocating that everyone do what I do. Just because a pair of glasses or jeans looks good on me, does not mean that you should go out and buy yourself some expecting the same result.

What I do advocate is that you discover what works for you. And above all else, be content with where you are at and be happy. TRUST ME when I say that you will not be happy WHEN you are skinnier. Life is great! Our bodies are great! Today I am happy and tomorrow I will make the same choice. :)

I love you Daddy!


  1. I really like that idea of being sharp...and of planning what you eat and eating what you plan. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Does the Canadian food guide work in the US? ;-)

  3. ha is one of the only few Canadian things I have to hang onto! :)