Thursday, March 15, 2012


I just want to say how grateful I am for everyone who have made comments or wrote me messages. I am grateful for those who have shared their story with me, or who have just expressed their gratitude to me for writing. Quite frankly, the feedback has blown me away. I knew that I was not alone in how I feel, but I underestimated how real these issues are and how well we can keep them hidden inside our little hearts and minds. To all who have shared with me, thank you! Thank you for encouraging me to keep going, because this is not easy for me to talk about in front of so many people. Last night I was feeling overwhelmed and kinda wanted to just push everyone out of my life, including this blog. I had the thought to just delete it all! Then I woke up, went on the blog and my friend Tara had commented and encouraged me to keep going. It reminded me why I am doing this. Thank you! I will not stop.

We are in this together! ROAR!

I love you Daddy!

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